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    6 months - 5th grade

    Central Kids is the perfect place for your child to learn they can trust God, make wise choices, and treat others the way they want to be treated. Our age appropriate services help them discover these core truths, along with forming friendships with kids, and ultimately, have one of the best hours of their week!

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    Birth–5th Grade

    January 11-March 15

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    Amazing activities! Relays! Games! Bible Discovery! Weekly Wednesday nights filled with adventure, friendships, and learning.

Central Kids Online

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Central Kids exists to teach and motivate kids to have a real and lasting relationship with Jesus Christ by using God’s word, meaningful relationships and lots of fun activities. We provide a safe, Jesus-centered and loving environment for children birth through fifth grade.

At Central Kids, We are With God, In Community, and On Mission.

We are also on a mission!

We believe God is going to change the world through kids. Our focal mission in Central Kids is to challenge our students to invite their friends to church.

Tithing is a unique form of worship that we teach during our time of praise in Central Kids. Your child has the opportunity to provide food and spiritual education for families at Hope & Life Church in Cambodia!

We are With God

as we worship and study His word.

We are In Community

by building loving relationships within our small and large groups.


We hope you will join us in Central Kids! If you've never been, here are a few things you can expect when you arrive:


Families are encouraged to park near Entrance D (Parking Lot 4) for easiest access to check-in! Our Central Kids Check-in counter is located directly inside where our team is ready to welcome you!


Check-In begins 15 minutes prior to the start of each service. Our Guest Services team will be happy to register your family, assist with printing name tags and pick-up slips, as well as host you to your child’s classroom. You can also preregister here to make Sunday morning a bit easier!


The pick-up slip that you receive upon check-in has your child’s classroom number listed. This room is where you will drop-off and pick-up your child at the end of service. Be sure to have the pick-up slip visible to our security team upon entering Central Kids areas.

Simply give the pick-up slip to the volunteer in your child’s room so that they can be released to you. Forgot or lost your pick-up slip? Stop by a Central Kids check-in desk where our team will verify your ID and provide you with a replacement pick-up slip.


Your child will enjoy engaging with their small group at the beginning of each service. From there, multiple age groups gather in a large group experience that incorporates fun, dynamic worship, and Biblical teaching. Your child will return to their classroom to wrap up the service with activities that reinforce the story with a focus on building relationships.

There are so many ways you can serve in Central Kids, from being on our Guest Services team, to being a small group leader, a special needs buddy and more!

A free playground hub where the Holland community can meet and do life together.


Are you interested in sharing your story on our website of how God brought you to the place of foster care or adopting? We would love to hear from you!



Let us know at check-in if your child has any allergies. These allergies are listed on the child’s name tag that is worn each week to class and you can choose to put an optional additional "allergy" stick on their name-tag as well.

Plain cheerios and water are the only snacks we provide during Sunday morning classes. If a special snack is offered during childcare or Midweek programming, parents are consulted before the food is distributed.
You can see what to expect from the parking lot to pick up above, but we recommend parking at Entrance D (Parking Lot 4).
All the Nursery children are promoted two times a year: once in the winter and once in the fall. You will be notified before a promotion takes place. Please understand that rooms go by ages, and not all children will move up at every promotion. Your child’s room number is on his or her name tag.

All elementary age students are promoted once a year, in the fall around the time school begins. You will be notified before a promotion takes place.
We always want to protect your child and others from sickness and germ sharing to keep our babies well. Our rooms and toys are cleaned regularly.

For the protection of everyone involved, please do not bring your child to Central Kids if he/she has any of the following symptoms:
- Fever
- Earache
- Persistent cough
- Heavy congestion
- Sore throat
- Swollen glands
- Colored discharge (from nose, eyes, or ears)
- Diarrhea
- Vomiting
- Unexplained rash or any skin infection

If your child exhibits any of these symptoms while in our care, we will contact you immediately to pick him or her up. We do not administer any type of medication. Please make sure your child is symptom-free for a period of 24 hours before you bring him/her to Central Kids. Thanks so much for your understanding!
Central Kids offers the same format both hours. We concentrate on one truth for the entire Sunday morning. First and second hour offer the same story and Biblical truth, but it is presented differently.
Our children all learn and grow in the faith through the Orange curriculum, 252 Basics for Elementary and First Look for Preschool. Orange is dedicated to providing interactive ways to learn, developing Christian character and making faith real in the lives of the children. One specific feature we appreciate in this curriculum is their commitment to partner with families. They provide excellent take home material for the whole family to talk about their faith in Christ. Get more recourses at
When you check in your child, let the attendant know you have a child with special needs. Our Special Needs Coordinator, will greet you and gather information about your child’s abilities and limitations. A “Buddy” will help your child participate in our regular programming or use our special needs classrooms to do activities with your child.
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