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We believe that there is a shift in the atmosphere when the people of God worship together. On Sundays at 9 and 10:45AM in the Worship Center, 9 AM in the Chapel, and Monday nights in Celebrate Recovery we host worship services that speak and sing words of Hope + Life. Partnered with our dynamic team of teaching pastors, our songs serve as a method of worship, a connection with God and as a way to unify with our community. Our services seek to be culturally relevant and include practical biblical teaching.

What We’re About

For us, worship is so much more than music. We can worship not only through song, but through story, video, and a variety of artistic expressions. We desire our worship to be: grounded in biblical truth and the power of the Spirit, authentic, passionate, culturally relevant, multi-cultural, intergenerational and original.

Our prayer is that you experience a transformational encounter in the presence of God.

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