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We have updated our giving platform!

We have updated our giving platform to a new partner, Pushpay. We’re excited about this new partnership and the ability to provide you with an easy, user-friendly experience for giving online to Central.

Why make a change like this? Here are three reasons:

We want to make giving to Central an easy, quick and intuitive process; something that feels familiar with other digital platforms we may interact with on a daily basis.

We want to remove any hurdles for those who may not yet be giving to jump in and join us financially with what God in doing through Central.

We have the ability to lower our processing fees. Lower fees mean that more of your gifts can go directly to ministry allowing Central to have an even bigger impact here in our community, around the country and across the globe.

If you currently have a scheduled, recurring gift through our previous giving platform, ShelbyGiving, we ask that you create a new recurring gift through Pushpay. Once that new gift is set-up, please login to your account here and cancel your recurring gift through ShelbyGiving. This will prevent any duplicate gifts being processed.


Why We Give

Giving is an act of worship, an expression of thanksgiving and it is like planting seed in that when God responds to our giving He gives back to us far more than we gave Him. We believe you can’t out-give God, so when you’re trusting Him with your tithes and offerings, we know that He will bless the rest (Proverbs 3:9,10 and Malachi 3:10-12).

We think Christians should be the most generous people (2 Corinthians 9:6) on earth to support worthy causes, and there is no organization with more potential to change the world than the local church! (Ephesians 3:10)

Central encourages members and regular attenders to follow the Biblical model of giving cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:7) and sacrificially (Psalm 4:5). Contributing financially to the work of the church out of our “firstfruits” is both a renunciation of greed as an idol and an acknowledgement that all we have been given is given to us by God and is to be used for his purposes (Matthew 25:14-30). It is an expression of worship in response to all that God has done in our midst.


We are part of a family of churches working towards the same goal: Amplifying the Hope and Life of Jesus. You can find our most recent breakdown of disbursements in our Annual Report.

More specifically for Central, our General Operational Budget is the budget that accounts for all expenses to operate all church ministries. Most often it is simply referred to as the “General Budget” and runs from June 1 to May 31 each year. This budget directly impacts every ministry of the church.

Here’s a quick snapshot of our disbursements:


Outreach Giving


Building & Operations


Reduced Debt




General Ministry


All contributions made to Central Wesleyan Church are tax-deductible.


For those who are 70½, direct IRA distribution may be made to the church. These gifts are sent directly to the church from the custodian of your IRA. Such gifts do not receive giving credit, since they are a direct distribution, but they are not charged as taxable income and they count toward the minimum distribution requirement.


Stocks and bonds that have appreciated in value are best to donate directly to the church since you receive giving credit for the full market value of the appreciated securities and avoid capital gains and the cost of selling the securities. We are sorry that government issued bonds do not qualify for this program.