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There’s nothing more important than exploring a connection with God—it’s an exciting and challenging journey, and we’re here to help.


We are committed to developing personal and corporate habits for a dynamic relationship with God. We emphasize prayer and the study of the Scriptures as critical habits that help us discern the plans and purposes of God for our lives.


We desire to cultivate relationships where care, challenge and celebration occur. We emphasize living life as one faith family in the all together–worship services–and the small together–community groups.


We pursue opportunities to holistically care for the needs of our world. As a local church, we are called to actively participate in the mission of God. We have been blessed with an incredible facility that welcomes many each week, however we deeply believe God measures His church not by how many we seat rather by how many we send.


If you have never heard the story of Jesus, or of how he brings hope and life to us all, please contact us at info@centralholland.org. We would love to have a personal conversation with you–no strings or gimmicks attached.

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