Our mission is to provide an atmosphere where all people can worship freely in God’s presence.

Alec Rees, Worship Arts Director
Hannah Lampe, Worship Leader
Brook Olson, Worship Leader


  • Growing Spiritually
  • Growing Musically
  • Living with Integrity
  • Leading with Humility

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the LORD, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.
— Colossians 3:23-24


    - Attending rehearsals.
    - Learning songs before rehearsals, via Planning Center Online.
    - Reviewing songs between rehearsals and Sunday morning.
    - Continuing to grow and improve on your instrument and/or voice.


    - Responding within 48 hours to all PCO requests and correspondence.
    - Contacting your Worship Coordinator or Care Leader if you are going to be absent from a rehearsal or service.
    - Participating in team gatherings.
    - Attending fall and winter community events.
    - Helping to recruit and mentor new choir members.


    - Every member is a worship leader.
    - Participating in pre-service community prayer at 8:40AM in the Rehearsal Room.
    - Modeling worship both on and off the platform.
    - Intentionally pursuing a deeper relationship with God by engaging in spiritual disciplines.
    - Embracing Worship Arts’ core values.



The Worship Coordinator is a scheduled position assigned to one of our staff worship leaders on any given weekend. The Worship Coordinator designated on the week you are scheduled will be the one to lead the rehearsals and answer any questions you may have regarding that weekend service.


PCO is the way we communicate to you regarding scheduling. This online program gives you the opportunity to manage your own calendar. When you are scheduled to participate in a Sunday morning service, an email will be sent to you with links to accept or decline and view the service. Once you accept to be a part of the service you will receive email reminders of rehearsals and services. We ask all participants to send us their “block out dates” in PCO, which helps us greatly in our planning. You can choose to include reasons for your block out dates. This tool is a big help to those who are scheduling participants. Once you get acquainted with this user-friendly program you will be able to see who is scheduled with you, listen to up-coming music, view the charts and manage your schedule. PCO will make your life a whole lot easier, as you serve on the Worship Arts teams.


    As representatives of Jesus Christ and Central, we need to be very intentional in how we dress. Sensitivity and modesty are key values. If you are asked to appear on the platform with the Worship Arts ministry, our request and expectation is that you dress in a way that is not a distraction for the church community. Our goal is to direct people’s focus away from ourselves and onto God! We expect each volunteer to be dressed in a manner that is relaxed and authentic to them, clean, neat and modest. Worship Arts leaders reserve the right to identify inappropriate attire at any given time and request a wardrobe change if necessary. Jeans are acceptable.


“A showy presentation of one’s self and/or body parts that draws unnecessary attention.” Anything that would distract, embarrass, offend or shock the people in our congregation would be considered immodest. This is especially relevant in the way that we express our sexuality, or by the way we highlight or expose certain parts of our bodies. If pants, jeans, skirts, dresses or tops are so tight that they reveal a detailed contour of our bodies, they are too tight. If tops are low enough to show cleavage, they are too low.


“A humble presentation of one’s self and/or body parts that draws no unnecessary attention.” Despite the fashions of the day, we believe that we can all dress fashionably, while remaining modest.

As general rules, please avoid:
  • Tight, low cut, lots of skin, sleeveless, see-through material
  • Holes that you can see through
  • Material with questionable content written on it
  • Distressed jeans or jeans with holes
  • Hats
  • To inform, bring together, and care for the Worship Arts Community.

    Coordinator: Karen Alderink kalderink@centralwesleyan.org


    We are a community of people with a common purpose: to create an atmosphere where all people can worship freely in God’s presence. But we are not just musicians looking for a weekend gig. We are creative worshippers in community with each other. That means we seek to know each other beyond the weekend service. That’s where Care Leaders come in: To serve the Worship Arts community through care, compassion, and presence.

    Need Prayer?

    Please be sure your Care Leader and/or Karen is aware of any prayer needs you may have, including upcoming surgeries, hospitalizations, births, deaths, or special needs.

    Sunshine Fund

    The Sunshine Fund is established to purchase flowers for births, deaths and hospitalizations within our Worship Arts community. You will be given an opportunity throughout the year to contribute to this fund, either with cash or online giving (centralwesleyan.org/give – fill in amount in “Other” and in “Other Purpose” write in “Sunshine Fund.”)


    Worship Arts childcare provides a safe and fun environment for kids on Wednesdays and Sundays while parents are in rehearsal and during any additional rehearsals required for special events. We accept children ages 3 months to 3rd grade. Registration is required.

    Coordinator: Hannah Lampe hlampe@centralwesleyan.org