ONE makes all the difference!

“One child, one hour" is the heart of Kids Hope USA. One caring adult mentors an at-risk child for one hour every week, because when kids feel loved and valued they are better able to learn, grow and succeed.

Statistics show that children who acquire critical reading skills by grade four are eight times less likely to drop out of school. Kids Hope USA volunteer's help children learn through tutoring as well as giving the emotional support of a friendly, caring relationship. These relationships become the foundation for AMPLIFY ING HOPE AND LIFE reaching neighborhood families with the good news of Jesus Christ simply b y demonstrating love and faithfulness every week.

Kids Hope USA matches one fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ with a Jefferson School student, providing the perfect opportunity to exercise Central's greater mission of amplifying hope and life with a child, as we build redemptive bridges of influence with families.

To touch one child 's life at a time, through a caring, "Jesus with skin on "relationship with a trained volunteer mentor and their prayer partner ...because we know, when you touch a life... that is no small change!