Check-in and Check-out Information

In order to maintain maximum security and safety, all children must be checked in prior to being taken to class. At check-in, any known allergies for the child should be noted for our staff. Parents/guardians receive a name tag for each child upon check-in. You must have a cell phone for all children birth–5th grade. If parents are needed during a service, a check-in desk assistant will contact the parent. At check-out parents pick up a required check-out slip for their child which they must hand in before picking up their child at class. All kids are to be picked up at their assigned classroom by a parent or guardian. You will not be allowed in the children’s areas without a check-in or check-out slip.

Parent or Legal Guardian #1

Parent or Legal Guardian #2

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All children ages 3 months through 5th grade qualify to be a part of Central Kids. Any children older than that would be a part of Student Ministry.