Special Needs Ministry

Did you know that for every 5 households there is one person who has disabilities? The reality is that 90 percent of them do not go to church. It’s either too hard, churches are not equipped to care for their loved ones, or the church does not welcome them.

Central’s doors are being blown wide open to all ages of people with physical and mental disabilities.

Special Needs are not limited to physical challenges like using a wheelchair, walker, or braces. Some are invisible to the eye like anxiety, depression, sensory challenges, Autism, ADD, ADHD, and dyslexia, just to name a few.

What if my child or I have special needs?

We want to say welcome to Central! We have a full team of caring individuals who are ready to help your child, student, or adult participate in our programming. We also have a Special Needs Coordinator on staff to help guide you through our program opportunities.


My child is birth–5th grade

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My child in Middle or High School

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I am an Adult with Special Needs

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What can I do to help?

We are looking for several men and women to come alongside children, students and adults. At younger ages, boys need men and girls need women. If you have been considering becoming a buddy to a child, teen, or adult who needs a little extra help participating, pray about whether you are a good fit for that task and how you can help. Your life will become richer than you can ever imagine as you serve God’s most precious children.

Become a Special Needs Buddy

If you know any families affected by special needs – invite them to Central! We are a generous community and are eagerly inviting families to give church another try. When one person is challenged by a disability, the whole family is challenged. Many families have been told by churches that they cannot care for their family member that sends the message, “Sorry, you are not welcome here.” We can prove that we care about these families by getting involved in their lives, inviting them to church, being prepared to receive them, and how they experience Central families embracing them.

Befriend a family with special needs. Show them you care, take the family a meal, ask parents how you can reach out to their family member with special needs, adopt a family to encourage, fellowship with, and pray for. Invite them to your small group or simply be available to listen.

Prayer is so powerful. By praying for their family members by name you can make a huge impact in their life. You can also help by specifically praying that we become sensitive to this growing community’s needs and how to best serve them. Pray for God’s direction and provision as we further develop these ministries.


Debbie Heiser

Special Needs Coordinator

Contact Debbie at any time with questions or to learn more about getting connected.

Special Needs Coordinator

dheiser@centralholland.org or 616.395.3084

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