The Landing will be regathering on Monday, June 22, at 6:30PM!

Plan to join us in Room D309 (use entrance C). We realize that some parents or students may not feel comfortable meeting in person yet, so we will have Zoom groups on Thursday nights, 7:30-8PM through July as we transition. Students are welcome to attend both in person on Mondays and on Zoom on Thursdays.
Email landing@centralholland.org for zoom link.


Suicide Prevention Hotline

What is The Landing?

Students struggle on a daily basis with things like depression, anxiety, loneliness, isolation, bullying, peer pressure, family conflict, self-worth and so on. The Landing is a safe and confidential place where they can feel welcomed and supported just as they are.

The Landing is not only meant to walk with teens through hurts, hang-ups and habits, it is also a resource that can be applied to preventing future struggles.

The Landing follows the same format as Celebrate Recovery does; it is based on 12 Steps and 8 healing principles from the Beatitudes.

How Does it Work?

The Landing meets Monday nights at 6:30PM. All middle school and high school students are welcome. We start off with snacks and then large group.

Large group is a chance to worship together as well as hear a story/teaching about finding freedom and new life in Christ. After large group we’ll move to small groups.

Small Groups
Small groups are gender and age specific groups where we dive deeper into what was shared in the large group.

The evening wraps up between 8:30–9:00PM with some more snacks and a time to connect with one another and build community.

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