Insecure, we stand at the edge, forced to make a decision, to choose a direction. Either way could lead us securely into our future, or sabotage it completely. Fear can cause us to stay in our comfortable lives, without stepping out and moving forward into what God wants. In John chapter 20, the disciples are living in old ways in the post-resurrection new day. The resurrection should have given them security to move ahead, and yet so many of their reactions in John 20 & 21 are driven by their insecurity. That insecurity, left unchecked, would have sabotaged the ministry to which Christ was calling them. Insecurity is a common reason for many unresolved problems in families and churches. In this series we unpack how the power of this “new day” encourages us to deal with the insecurity that can easily sabotage God’s empowering presence.


Crippling the Comparison Game
May 03, 2015 | Brad Gray

Feed, Tend, Feed
April 26, 2015 | Craig Rees

Address It on the Shore
April 19, 2015 | Brad Gray

Security or Sabotage
April 12, 2015 | Craig Rees

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