A waypoint is a location on a route that is neither the destination or the originating point. For a captain, it is a predetermined position used to report progress on their journey—location of a point on a desired course towards one’s stated destination.
To get where God wants us to be we must discover Biblical waypoints—locations for Biblical truth that guide us towards our journey’s end. Biblical waypoints are not ‘secrets’ waiting to be unveiled but ‘mysteries’ waiting to be discovered. They are markers left by God, showing us the way.

Join us for our series Open Waters: Trusting the One Who Knows the Way, as we discover waypoints God has given to guide us in our journey.

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Waypoint 6: Keep Moving
May 31, 2020 | lynn bruce

Waypoint 5: Change Course
May 24, 2020 | Craig Rees

Waypoint 4: Clear the Decks
May 17, 2020 | Craig Rees

Waypoint 3: Trust the Advice
May 03, 2020 | Craig Rees

Waypoint 2: Ask for help
April 26, 2020 | Mike McKay

Waypoint 1: Admit You Are Adrift
April 19, 2020 | Craig Rees

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