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Circles Holland through Good Samaritan Ministries is a community-driven program. Based on the national Circles®USA model, Circles brings together people of diverse incomes in an effort to open doors in our community and help financially struggling individuals and families achieve their goals. In Circles, low-income individuals, known as Circle Leaders, and middle and upper income individuals, known as Circle Allies, build friendships that cross social and cultural divides and learn about and from one another’s lives. Each week, Leaders and Allies come together to share a meal, encourage one another in pursuing goals, and learn skills that will help them achieve those goals.

Skill development is organized into themes including: Financial Literacy, Professional Development, Healthy Relationships, and Emotional Wellness.

Circles Youth

Programming is available for children 6 weeks-18 years old. The Circles Youth program that runs parallel to the adult programming with age appropriate curriculum that includes themes such as Learning Habits, Integrity, Literacy, and Goal Setting. The children of Allies are also encouraged to participate.

WHERE: Central Wesleyan Church • Room D109

WHEN: Saturdays • 9am-12pm

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