Christmas Desserts is a night of beauty, laughter, and rest, not to mention decadent desserts, in the midst of a busy holiday season. A time to hang out with girlfriends or met some new incredible women.

As you host you have an opportunity to bring you tableware + dessert and create a beautiful space, then invite women who might need some encouragement or hope this season With the table set and dessert served, we’ll hear from pastor Christy Penley and join together in worship with special guest, Bre Chapman (Harris).

Doors will open at 6:30 and event starts at 7PM in the Chapel.
We have reached capacity for for this event.


Decorate a table with 8 table settings and provide a dessert for the entire table—then choose to host a table of all your girlfriends, or a combination of girlfriends you invite and ones we add to your table!

Full table ,
Decorate, bring dessert,
invite 7 girlfriends

Half table
Decorate, bring dessert, invite 3 girlfriends (we’ll fill the the other 4 seats with women)

Full Table
Decorate, bring dessert, invite 1 girlfriends (we’ll fill the the other 6 seats with women)