Community Groups are made up of 8-14 people who meet weekly or biweekly throughout the year to Eat. Pray. Read. Go. Community Groups study a variety of Bible studies, including sermon questions, Right Now Media options, and various other materials.

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What is a C6 Group?

C6 Groups are Community Groups that provide a great opportunity to experience the power of community! They meet weekly for the six weeks of the C6 sermon series, with 8-14 people during Fall or Winter, focusing on sermon-based discussion questions and the scriptures that surround them. C6 Groups provide an easy on/easy off ramp for those who’ve never tried a Community Group before, or those looking to re-engage in Community group life.

What happens after the 6 week series?

About 50% of our C6 Groups decide to stay together and become permanent Community Groups when the series ends, but there is no pressure to do so. If a C6 Group ends after the series, and participants decide they want to continue on in a permanent Community Group, just contact us at and asked to be placed in a permanent Community Group

Community Groups & C6 Groups
Eat. Pray. Read. Go



When C6, or Community Groups, get together, eating is often involved…whether it’s just cookies & coffee or a shared meal where everyone brings something. Community happens better with food. Laugh. Encourage. Share life. Eat together!



Through prayer, we celebrate the good times & find encouragement & support through the tough times as we seek God’s guidance & help. Share requests, but spend more time praying… because that’s where God meets us! Pray together, or split off & pray in groups of 2-4. Pray for each other. Pray for others. Pray for what God is doing in the world. Pray together!



Read from the Word! When C6 or Community groups are together, open the Bible and read it. That is how God equips & strengthens us…and how we encourage one another! Talk about what it teaches you about God & life. You may shape your time around the sermon, using sermon-based scriptures & questions, or you may use Right Now Media resources or other books & DVD-driven studies. Share what you think God is asking you to do that week based on what you read & learn. Either way, everyone loves to read & learn something new. Read together!



Literally, leave the house & bring whatever you’ve learned, whatever you think God wants you to do, and take it back to your normal life: your home, your neighborhood, your church, your work, your LIFE! The point of a Community Group is to find people who sharpen you, encourage you and help you see and know Jesus better. The goal of filling your life with Jesus is always to spill Him on the people God puts around you. Go, and spill Jesus on everyone!

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